Site Services


Envision Research offers comprehensive services for identifying, securing and managing industry-sponsored and publicly funded clinical trials.

Envision Research can help your institution or practice become a clinical trials site.

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What Envision Research Can Provide To Your Clinical Trial Site

  • Connect your practice with leading pharmaceutical, and medical device sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CRO)
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Contracting and budgeting
  • Regulatory and Institutional Review Board (IRB) management
  • Study-specific site training
  • Infrastructure and resources needed to conduct clinical trials, including support by experienced clinical research coordinators
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for quality assurance
    Patient recruitment strategy
  • Data management
  • Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)
  • Adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and quality control
  • Timely and successful completion of clinical trials

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