ORDA Becomes Envision Research

BRF’s Office for Research Development and Administration (ORDA) has rebranded and refocused its mission to become Envision Research. Its mission, vision and values have been updated to reflect a shift from managing clinical trials within University Health System to partnering with community physicians to manage and promote clinical trials to a broader patient population and physician network – bringing cutting-edge prospective treatments and personalized study-related medical care to more North Louisiana patients at no charge.

Envision Research will connect physician practices and specialties with leading pharmaceutical and medical device sponsors and provide support in the way of experienced clinical research coordinators, infrastructure and resources needed to facilitate clinical trials.

Envision Research will also continue to promote translational research – scientific discoveries generated in laboratories for clinical application and improvement of human health – by awarding seed funds to investigators in North Louisiana to generate preliminary data that will allow them to apply for extramural funding from government and private sponsors.


MISSION: Improve healthcare through excellence in translational and clinical research.
VISION: Operate as a catalyst for innovative and successful research collaborations.
VALUES: Collaboration. Innovation. Efficiency. Integrity. Patient-Centric.

Envision Research, a division of BRF, is one of six initiatives spearheaded by BRF in its mission to diversify and grow our region’s economy. Learn more about Envision Research, about how to become a part of its physician network and to see clinical trial opportunities by visiting EnvisionResearch.org.